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Learning design solutions 

We’re reimagining online curriculum development in higher education

Program management and curriculum planning

We design courses and develop programs with flexibility, engagement, and employability in mind. Our teams are led by subject matter experts in strategy, research, development, and data science.


We have long provided far more than typical online program management services.  In fact, the partners who use our learning design services show 6% higher return rates for new students compared to partner programs that don’t.

Course design and development 

We design coursework grounded in evidence-based instructional models. For optimal learning system design, we use curriculum mapping and ensure courses align with program objectives.


Our instructional design team can help you develop coursework that supports your brand vision and the people who will be teaching it.


We’ll even facilitate workshops before launching each program — and make data-driven improvements along the way.

Faculty training and support

We empower faculty to do what they do best — teach.  We offer training and support at every step.  


Our efforts lead to improved faculty retention, higher satisfaction, and less turnover. That means higher student retention, too.  


We work with faculty to translate their vision into exceptional experiences — whether online, on-campus, or hybrid. To make sure faculty thrive, we offer tools, technical assistance, and resources.

Stacking credentials  

One way we help learners overcome challenges with access, cost, and time-to-completion is through curriculum design focused on accelerated credentials and stackable certificates.


When developing a learning design system, we follow best practices to create program options that can deliver rapid career outcomes.


By offering innovative pathways like these, we widen opportunities for partners and fast-track the ROI for learners.