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Get to know us

Empowering people to change the world through learning 

Boundless Learning has 30 years of experience and launched more than 450 online programs

Leaders in online learning solutions

For 30 years, we've partnered with organizations and corporations around the world to design workforce-aligned experiences.


When it comes to online program management, we keep learner success at the heart of everything we do and work hard to deliver positive career outcomes.


And now, after launching more than 450 online programs with Pearson Online Learning Services, we’re excited for our mission to evolve.

Boundless Learning serves 17,000 students in more than 150 countries and has a 95% retention rate

Our history

As pioneers in online learning solutions, we've partnered with top-tier academic institutions since 1993.


Our reach and insight only grew when we joined global learning company Pearson in 2012.


Today, as a fully independent operation, we help some 17,000 learners begin their journeys annually and serve a student body representing more than 150 nations.


Get to know us and how we empower partners to reach learners all over the world.

World map showing global footprint

Our global footprint

As experts in online learning solutions, our reach breaks borders (and barriers) to support learners and partners around the globe.


Over the past decade, we have grown beyond the confines of North America to establish a presence across four continents.


Get to know us and how we empower partners to reach learners all over the world.

Learner-centered design

The quality of the experience matters. We design solutions that are informed by learner needs and industry demands.  

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Data-driven personalization

Our approach to academic strategy pinpoints untapped potential. We leverage learner journeys, data, and analytics. 

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Access and opportunity

We believe the power of learning should be available to all. Our solutions consider values, beliefs, and life stage.

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Trustworthy partnerships

We emphasize transparency and commit to shared goals. It's how we've made long-lasting relationships worldwide.  

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