The Branded Digital Marketplace

Our learning marketplace empowers people to take control of their education

Designed with a learner-first mindset

Today’s learners lead active lives and are short on time. That’s why we built an online course marketplace designed to provide quick comparisons and personalized recommendations – think of it as a student success center.

Think beyond a higher education LMS

Think of our marketplace learning management system as a unique platform that removes the barrier between exploring choices and making decisions. It’s a platform where learners can find tools, resources, and communities designed with their needs in mind.

Learn more about our proprietary tools below.

Relevant Careers

Career 360

Career outcomes are key to the learning marketplace. That’s why we empower individuals to further their potential with unique tools and resources, creating a personalized career center unlike any other.


Individuals can research jobs, perform talent matches, and take skill assessments. They also have access to a community of alumni, peers, and employers.

Custom recommendations

Recommendation Engine

Going back to school is a complex decision. That makes the Recommendation Engine essential to our online course marketplace. It provides clarity for the learner. It connects current skills with future goals.


Learners want meaningful ROI. That’s why our platform goes beyond the typical higher education LMS. Now learners can move forward with confidence.

Seamless Process

My Application

Our education marketplace offers a unique application solution. It provides a seamless way for learners to start their application, save their progress, and submit it. We simplify the learning path from the start.


Learners get quick access to updates. And partners enjoy the support that comes with automated application processing.

Personalized Journeys

My Learning Path

Learners want to know the best path to upskill. This tool surfaces customized learner journeys based on individual inputs. And it’s part of what makes this an online course marketplace unlike any other.


We give learners a curated path to pursue, adapt, and achieve their goals. And they appreciate the clear visual to guide their way.

Dynamic Dashboards

My Dashboard

Learning is a lifelong journey. People want an education marketplace they can return to. They want to see a record of their learning and credentials.


The dashboard tool provides a visual representation of their progress, learning history, and future recommendations. All in one place.

Our education marketplace helps learners and partners thrive

See what can happen by leveraging our robust, customizable tools.

The possibilities are endless.